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Energy Week 2018 Panels

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Energy & Transportation:  Market and Customer Dynamics

Where / When will a tipping point be reached in the mass adoption of EVs? What are the implications for the automotive industry and/or O&G community as this market transition occurs?

Energy & Transportation:  Infrastructure Integration

How can ridesharing, autonomous vehicles, and electrified transport options integrate into existing transportation infrastructure? What new models or systems are needed to make this transition a reality? How can we capture the impact on energy consumption?

"Smart" System Design:  Pathways for the Future Grid

What can the grid actually support from a resource mix perspective? What do wholesale markets look like with zero marginal fuel cost?

"Smart" System Design:  Resilient Infrastructure

Post-Harvey Discussion on Improvements to Urban Planning and the Costs/Benefits of Building for "Worst Case Scenario"

Energy Geopolitics and Supply Chain Considerations

Who are the main players in critical resources for a diversified resource base? How will competing goals in power generation and transportation be impacted by supply chain constraints?

Natural Gas:  Going Global?

What is Natural Gas' role as a transition fuel?  By how much will global natural gas demand really change and the infrastructure to support (pipelines vs. LNG) adapt to meet this demand?

Innovation in Oil & Gas

What is the digital oilfield and how will these technologies improve efficiency in oil and gas operations?

Energy Technology Frontier:  Energy Storage

What Technical hurdles to game-changing power/energy density and charging times remain? What are the key differences between transportation and grid applications? What are the most promising options and time/ability to scale?

Energy Technology Frontier:  Blockchain and Transactive Energy Services

How could blockchain technologies impact transactive energy services and what are the consequences, if any, for the utility-customer relationship?


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